This important information for the users having the theme version 1.1.3 – 1.1.6

Please do not update the theme to version 2.0+ until you read the information below.

The theme version 2.0 includes significant changes that will ease your work and make the theme works faster. More new improvements will be released soon. We will keep you posted.

The updated includes:
– New Header Builder
– New Footer Builder
– New Advanced Tabs Widget

Most of our customers who purchased Ewebot theme have the version 1.1.3 – 1.1.6.  Previously we used GT3 Header & Footer Builder to build headers and footers. The system works great but we decided to improve it and make the process of creating the headers and footer smooth and easy. The users should see the entire process on the front-end and build all that stuff in Elementor page builder.

Here we explain to you how to update your headers and footers with WPDaddy Builder Pro system, drag-and-drop visual editor.
The new system is based on the Elementor templates system using WPDaddy Builder Pro. Please follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate WPDaddy Builder Pro plugin. You should get a notification in your WP dashboard that this plugin is required before the plugin installation
  2. We’ve created the custom header and footer templates for you that can be downloaded here: Download Header Templates and Download Footer Templates.
  3. Import those templates in Elementor templates section
  4. Once it’s done, please follow this guide on how to add the header and footer in WPDaddy Builder Pro
  5. If you’ve already configured your headers and footers, feel free to switch to WPDaddy Builder Pro and disable the old builder in Theme Options -> General -> Disable GT3 Header & Footer Builder

Old Tabs System has been removed from the theme because it affected the demo import and the users got the errors while saving the changes in Elementor builder on low-performance servers.
We’ve developed a new tabs widget called “Advanced Tabs“. This widget works with Elementor templates which allows you to add any content and builder any structure for each tab.

How It Works
We’ve added the custom section in Elementor templates called “GT3 Tabs“. Please open it and create a new tab template. Each tab can be edited with Elementor. You can download all available tabs from our Ewebot demo website here Download Tabs Templates and then import them to your website.

How To Use Advanced Tabs
Open any existing page in Elementor and add the “Advanced Tabs” widget to that page. Each tab has its custom settings. You can also select the custom GT3 tabs template from the drop-down menu.

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