Theme Installation

There are several ways to install WordPress themes, we do prefer using FTP but you can choose other ways. Please read more about theme installation on the official website at

If you choose using FTP, please do the following:

  • please unzip the installable zip file that you downloaded from ThemeForest (;
  • upload “Soho” theme folder to the theme directory of your WordPress via ftp;
  • log into your WordPress admin dashboard and activate “Soho” theme in the Appearance => Themes section;
  • after successful theme activation you will be automatically redirected to the Soho WordPress theme settings;
  • at the top of the page you will see the message ‘This theme requires the following plugin: GT3 Page Builder (For This Theme Only). Begin installing plugin’=> click the the link and follow the steps.

Note, Soho theme includes GT3 Page Builder plugin pre-packaged. You don’t need to install any other plugin versions. It will be activated automatically on the pages and posts sections after installation, if you followed the steps above.

If you want to install the theme on you local server please follow the instructions:
  • transfer “Soho” theme folder to the theme directory of your WordPress;
  • open \wp-content\themes\soho\core\tgm\plugins\;
  • unzip the package and add the plugin folder to \wp-content\plugins\
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